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Envi Lawns install artificial grass, a surface that can be used 365 days a year.

Working with high quality products, we can promise you a superb installation. In just one or two days, Envi – Lawns will transform a disused area into a useable feature – no more muddy footprints means less cleaning. This fast drying and well drained surface maximises play time and creates a safe, stimulating and creative environment for children.

Step 1

The 1st thing that we need to do is remove the existing lawn.
Step 2
The entire perimeter is edged using tanalised timber to ensure the sub-base material is supported and making a secure fixing for the grass.
Step 3


A durable weed membrane is installed to keep weeds from growing.
Step 4
Depending on levels to be achieved, a combination of sand and stone will be installed to provide a compact and level base for the grass to be installed upon. The ground is then compacted using a wacker plate to avoid sinkage and achieve a solid base.
Step 5

The grass is then carefully rolled into position across the entire area and cut to perimeter.
Step 6

Adjoining grasses are lined up and joined with high strength seaming tape. The adhesive is then spread onto the seaming tape to ensure a tight bond, then the grass is gently folded down onto the adhesive.
Step 7

The grass is finally secured with small nails to the timber edge around the perimeter of the garden.
Step 8

The grass is then brushed with a power brush to create the final luxury grass look.